Specialist pub and restaurant accountants

There is no greater service than when your advisor has actually ‘been there, experienced all the pitfalls and worn the t-shirt’.

We’re different from other accountants

We are committed to providing quality, professional accounting and stock-taking services with a genuine, in-depth knowledge of trade-specific business advice.

This is what sets Carroll Accountants apart, as you can be confident that your accountant has, at some time in their past, actually owned and operated multiple licensed premises. As Licensed Trade Accountants in the UK, we know just how competitive the pub and restaurant industry can be.

Knowledge you can trust

In addition to the essential accountancy background, Carroll Accountants have immense knowledge of every aspect of the licensed trade industry, which enables us to analyse your whole business to make sure we give you the very best financial advice for growth, development and success.

We can assist with your compliance requirements and also help you with the day-to-day running of your pub or restaurant. As specialists in this field, our accountants will work with you to deliver high level advice on accounting, tax, payroll, business planning and financing.

Carroll Accountants provide clients with:

  • An individual, tailored plan for your business
  • Sound and experienced advice
  • Guidance for controlled decision making
  • Support in regard to meeting your legal obligations with confidence
  • Up-to-date accounts to keep pub companies, private landlords and HMRC happy
  • Improved performance; improved profit!

Keeping our clients satisfied

Ranging from small, local businesses to large, nationwide chain companies, our long-standing clients are satisfied with the tailored services we offer to suit a range of business, accounting and financial needs.

Our expertise extends across all fields: construction, financial, property management, online businesses, pubs and hospitality and local boutiques. We are unlimited in our ability to provide all clients with viable financial solutions to their business queries efficiently and confidentially.

As your accountants, we endeavour to:

  • build a relationship with the client to understand their needs
  • provide an exceptional service at competitive rates
  • inform, advise and support
  • manage or assist with financial compliance
  • simplify business practices to improve performance
  • be accessible via telephone, email and in person.

We adapt our services to suit our clients’ needs, and develop service agreements to meet your legal, contractual and managerial obligations in compliance with government agencies, such as HMRC and Companies House.


Accounting for Pubs, Restaurants & Hotels

Carrolls have many clients in the hospitality sector and are expert in the specific accounting needs of pubs, restaurants and hotels.

Managing the accounts of business owners and handling their business finances is something that we relish and are well-placed to help you to maximise your profitability and minimise your tax liability.
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If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 056 0558
or email us: hello@carrollaccountants.co.uk